EuroCAD Systems software package

EuroCAD software package includes three major software applications. We made our standard version richer and more powerful than other application's most expensive version. You can find here a short list of technical features included in the standard version, so you can understand how complete is our solution.

EuroCAD Pattern Designer

  • pattern design and engineering based on state of the art Bezier Curves technology
  • pattern digitization, including voice confirmation system and perimeter interpolation
  • pattern grading, including full automatic grading
  • advanced pattern development and alteration
  • geometrical pattern design
  • made to measure functions based on the newest technology of total pattern reconstruction using geometrical script
  • direct converter from Lectra, Gerber and Assyst
  • direct converter from DXF-AAMA
  • product technical data-sheet editor
  • real-time measurements watcher

EuroCAD Spread&Cut Planner

  • a unique module capable to perform automatically spread and cut planning
  • full and comprehensive printed cut-room report for each order

EuroCAD Automarker

  • full automatic, high efficiency marker optimization
  • special features for markers on fabrics with lines or stripes, tubular or folded fabrics, for fusing-block definition, for fabric contraction
  • over-night marker optimization for large volume of work
  • fully compatible with markers directly from Gerber, Lectra and Assyst
  • fully compatible with all types of plotters and cutting machines from Gerber, Lectra, Assyst and others