EuroCAD Photo Digitizer

As easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

1.Capture the image
Don't waist time placing the patterns on a special digitizing surface, fixing them with adhesive tape or other time-wasting methods. Just clean-up a bit your normal working table, leave the patterns there and go to computer. ONE simple click, and the camera automatically captures the picture and transfers it to the computer. The image is automatically processed and the patterns are extracted in just few seconds. A smart and simple calibration procedure is necessary only one time when you first install the system, offering a comfortable precision of less than 0.7 mm.

2.Control & Edit
Quick and easy inspect the result of the automatic digitizer using the Contour Play function. Measure distances and perimetral contour, check and adjust the internal elements or the shape of the curves if necessary, add or delete any element, input the piece name, all in one single window. Done ! Easy to use zoom and navigate functions and the special magnifier viewer make your activity easy and efficient.

3.Save the patterns
Save the patterns directly in the native format of your CAD system. It does not matter what CAD system you use, the photo digitizer is compatible with it (see the list on the back). The system will remember the save settings (location, format, etc), so you can have the patterns available directly to you CAD system with one simple click.

What CAD systems are compatible with Photo Digitizer?
The photo digitizer can save the patterns in the native original format of Lectra, Gerber, Investronica, Assyst, EuroCAD .The patterns can also be exported for any other application using the standard dxf aama format, and it was tested with FK, TetraCad, Optitex, Wearcad, Konsan, Tukatech, PolyPattern, Richpeace, Novocut, Vetigraph, Consult+, Astor, AGMS, Julivi, Moda 01 and other

EuroCAD Photo Digitizer - compatible

How can you install the photo-digitizer?
The photo digitizer system can be setup in various configurations, depending on the arrangement of your office. The easyest way is to use your normal working table as digitizing surface. This solution saves a lot of time because you don't have to fix the patterns at all, you just leave it on the table and digitize it. For this solution the camera can be fixed directly on the room ceiling (A), or using a normal camera stand (B). You can also use the wall as digitizing surface if you don't have table available, and the camera can be placed on a normal stand (C). A scanner (normal flat-bed or wide format) can also be used for special technical high precision applications (D)

EuroCAD Photo Digitizer - install

What elements of patterns will be extracted automatically?
The photo digitizer can automatically extract the pattern contour, using precise Bezier curves, can identify corners and mark it as reference points, can identify different type of notches (marked or cutted), internal points and internal lines. By convention, the longest internal line found will be declared as grain axis. When the pattern are create inside the office, it is usefull to respect some standard marking procedures, avoiding any manual adjustement of the digitizing results.

EuroCAD Photo Digitizer - elements

Download Photo Digitizer product sheet

EuroCAD Photo Digitizer - capturing patterns EuroCAD Photo Digitizer - contours, notches, axes EuroCAD Photo Digitizer - export the patterns