EuroCAD Systems Core Values

Research and development

EuroCAD keeps the eyes open to the customer needs, we learn every day from the real production as we see it running in the companies where our systems are implemented, we learn from our competition, we learn from our mistakes and we are never satisfied by our level.

A very unique feature of our company is that the decision chain between the customer and the development department is made from only one person. It is incredible how fast we react to any pertinent demand from our partners

Customer support

EuroCAD and our distributors are ready 24/7 to answer to any technical problem from the customers. The enthusiasm of our young team goes beyond the written rules that define how we provide support for the customer. We listen, we advice, we react, we solve problems in a way that you cannot distinguish the two parts: customer and service provider, we are a single team, engaged in a common effort.

Economical basis

EuroCAD understands better than any of its competitors the economical values of the emerging economies, in the developing countries where most of the garments industry is located. Therefore, our price structure for each country is adapted to the local conditions, creating the basis for a profitable business for the customer, for the distributor and for our company and aiming for a healthy long-term growing.